Practice Makes Progress

developing a simple daily practice | taught by Esther Nagle

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Loosen your body and mind in 30 days of daily practice and self exploration with Beginners Yoga Club

If you have been thinking about giving Yoga a try, but aren't sure what it is or if you will like it, the 30 Days of Yoga challenge from might be the perfect opportunity for you to find out.

In this free 30 day programme, you will be given a short practice to fit into your day that will help to increase your flexibility, release tension and stress in your body, and show you what Yoga can do for you.

You will have a free journal ebook which you can use to record your practice, how it felt and what you learn about yourself along the way

You will be invited to dive deeply into yourself with daily questions for self reflection

You will also have access to a free Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your ups and downs, and enhance your journey and practice.

You will have access to the first week's practice, along with other resources to help and enhance your journey, as soon as you register. I will also send you daily emails to remind you to practice, and to keep you motivated

Register now to join this transformational journey to discover the perfection that you are!

When you register you will be added to an email list so that I can send you emails related to the course, and include you in my 'Monday Motivation' emails. If you don't want to receive the Monday emails, you will be given a simple way to opt out.

Esther Nagle
Esther Nagle
Yoga teacher, writer

Hello, I’m Esther, welcome to Balance and Breathe

I used to think that Yoga was only about the body, that it was important that I could perform postures perfectly, and that I was toned and lean.

This was fine, but while I was focusing on how my body looked, inside, mentally and physically, I was a wreck.

Alcohol dependence, rage, insomnia, emotional turbulence, physical symptoms including digestive and respiratory problems and ever decreasing self esteem beset my life for years, until I hit my absolute rock bottom and realised I needed to change.

My change came through discovering a different approach to Yoga, a powerful transformational way of life if ever there was one!

This transformation has affected every area of my life. My physical and mental health is better than it has been for years, I live a peaceful, happy life, and I have achieved one of my life goals of being a writer, both with my book Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and on my blog

Yoga is a powerful tool for mental and physical health. Using the tools I am going to teach you, you will find yourself on the path to improving both, as you release physical and mental tension you might not have even realised you have!

There are many ways you can contact me, but the easiest one will be to drop me an email to  I will aim to respond to your email within 24 hours (more at weekends)

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