Balance and Breathe

Balance your life, one breath at a time | taught by Esther Nagle

Course description

This bumper pack of videos and courses will help you to deepen and develop your home yoga practice, so that you can turn to your mat when ever you need the peace and relaxation it gives.

With high quality teaching from a passionate, skilled and dedicated Yoga teacher, this bumper pack offers a fantastic introduction to Yoga at home with full support and guidance.

Esther’s classes are friendly, unpressured and inviting. We are taught different aspects of the yoga practice, building on elements learned previously and incorporating new ones each week. I feel welcome and really look forward to the class. My body appreciates the new stretching and strengthening and, even though I might feel stiff the next day I am confident that I’m not causing strain or injury. Esther is a great teacher, caring and considerate towards us, gently encouraging us to try but never pushing us to do any movements that might be unsafe.


A Yoga Studio in your space and your time!

Inside this bundle you will find all you need to get you started on your Yoga journey, or to deepen your existing practice.

Esther was very welcoming and helpful. I was allowed to take the class at my own pace, I felt strangely energised and relaxed (if that’s even possible) after the class. Highly recommended

Huw Jones

Judo master, EGH Judo

You will get phenomenal value from this bundle

I have put in all the courses I have created over the last couple of years here for you to access in this amazing low price bundle. 

You will get

  • practice makes progress, a 4 week introduction to a gentle daily Yoga practice
  • Breathe in a New You, a 4 week breathing course that will teach you the basics of good breathing
  • a variety of webinars and workshops I have delivered
  • ebooks
  • recorded classes, 90 minute and 30 minute long, so you can always find a practice to fit into the time you have

If you want to learn yoga but can't get to classes, or want to practice more than your one weekly class, then this bundle will give you all you need and more to boost your practice and create more peace and balance in your life.

What are you waiting for?

Esther Nagle
Esther Nagle
Yoga teacher, writer

Hello, I’m Esther, welcome to Balance and Breathe

I used to think that Yoga was only about the body, that it was important that I could perform postures perfectly, and that I was toned and lean.

This was fine, but while I was focusing on how my body looked, inside, mentally and physically, I was a wreck.

Alcohol dependence, rage, insomnia, emotional turbulence, physical symptoms including digestive and respiratory problems and ever decreasing self esteem beset my life for years, until I hit my absolute rock bottom and realised I needed to change.

My change came through discovering a different approach to Yoga, a powerful transformational way of life if ever there was one!

This transformation has affected every area of my life. My physical and mental health is better than it has been for years, I live a peaceful, happy life, and I have achieved one of my life goals of being a writer, both with my book Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and on my blog

Yoga is a powerful tool for mental and physical health. Using the tools I am going to teach you, you will find yourself on the path to improving both, as you release physical and mental tension you might not have even realised you have!

Course Curriculum

Mastering basic sitting and breathing
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